By Paul Byrom


Well it absolutely kills me to tell you that it looks like Ireland will be returning to full lockdown. Heartbreaking and soul destroying for us all. Government are currently in meetings and all we are getting are leaks about what might or might not happen. This I often think is worse. Speculation on line can be very damaging and cause huge anxiety for many. So the sooner announcements are made the better for us all. What is likely is that everything will shut down again. Like in March. Except for services deemed to be essential. The fact that Off Licences are considered essential, is quiet essentially Irish. Yet any form of physical training, which is essential for physical and mental health, will be shut. Mind boggles. 

 Airports and our borders remain open with little to no monitoring of people when they arrive into Ireland. Again, mind boggles.  So many contradictions and so many repercussions. Many face unemployment and many shops, restaurants theatres and small business face closure for good. It's bleak times we are living through. 

However, don't get me wrong, I believe in doing the best we can to get through this. I just don't believe complete lockdown is the answer. For me personally, I will be powering through as best I can and hope to have the new album available to you all very soon. It is just proving more and more challenging as the days pass. 

Of course when it is released I don't know what level of promotion I will be able to do, but will do whatever I can, and will hope to get some support from the media. Either way, it was made for all of you, so once you get it and hear it, I will be happy. 

I am a very positive person and will continue to be so. Just some days are proving challenging during this Pandemic. As Im sure it is for many of you. We need to try our best to keep motoring and keep positive. All things pass. Good and bad. 

My family are all well and my grandmother who is 101 is the one I feel for the most. She is not allowed visitors and I have not seen her in person since February. She is quite confused as to where we have all vanished to, and that breaks my heart the most. She is like many her age, and they deserve so much to be around their loved ones in their final days. But we have to follow orders for the best interest of everyone. 

Anyway, lets just hope it passes soon and that we will all be together for Christmas. I miss touring hugely and miss seeing you all in person. I can only hope that day will come again soon. I will never moan about lines at airports or early morning flights. Or TSA checks!!! Oh to be in a line at an airport today!!! 


Keep well folks. Keep healthy and please follow the guidelines given out by the doctors, scientists and healthcare providers.

Wear a mask, wash hands regularly and social distance. Im assured, and believe, this is the only way we can beat this.


Much love



  • I Ordered snd paid for cd this is my moment, but received a christmas cd. What happened?

    Kathrn D leboeuf on

  • I have never been to Europe,
    But I an considering a trip to Ireland in MAY of 2022. Beginning to plan now.you are high in my list of sights to see.

    Carole Kerr on

  • I received your 2 older wonderful albums, love them both. The xmas one is perfect and just in time as we all need a lift about now.
    May I suggest for a merch sale item, a rubber wrist band color green w your name and the name of your new album. Keith did this with his"on mercy street" I wear it everyday. Very durable thick. Would be proud to wear yours.

    Patricia Fisk, campbell, ca on

  • Nothing can destroy Ireland! They’ve been through so many hardships throughout history. Every generation experiences something. This is yours. Get your strength from history. It will teach you courage and fortitude. The world is in chaos. It will survive. IReland will survive.

    Sue Centorame on

  • Does your grandm have a window she can see you. If so make signs for her to read, that is what we did. Love your voice & to miss you on ct

    Bev Van Noy on

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