By Paul Byrom


As we are fast approaching release date of my new album. I want to take a moment and give a shout out to all who contributed on the Indiegogo fundraiser. (printed the full list below) It helped a huge amount with overall costs, and ensured I was able to make the album I wanted to. Full 65 piece orchestra and brand new arrangements from the wonderful Gavin Murphy. I hope I have everyone here, and I have printed the names that were given.
Whether you donated a $1 or a $1,000 it all means as much to me. Your support has been unwavering and unrivalled.
Finally, for those waiting on the exclusive never released track. That will be in your email in the coming days. The exclusive pictures are being printed as we speak and they will also be posted out as soon as possible.
Thank you again. I hope you will be happy with the album, especially knowing you helped employ so many within the music business during a very difficult year.
Here is a full list of people who made donations at the level of "public acknowledgement"
Cecilia Mahue
Jill Hershberger
Eileen Schultz
Rosie Phillips
Martha Miller
Deborah Gouin
Rebecca Mirisola
Janet Chatwin
Sharon A.Terao
Wendy Horton
Alicia Coller
Jennie Nelson Snipes
Jennifer Soto
MaryPat McCann Stoddard
Sandy Loughlin
Carol Ann Young
Tanis Melville
Emely Schraufnagel
Robbie Dillon
Alyssa Duclos
Dawn McAvoy
Robin W King
Carol & Joe Cramp
Margaret Fox
Juliet Dugyon
Cheryl Krantz
Christine Kelly
Marcy Longfellow
Samantha Ashe
Angela Terwilliger
Stacey & Eric Heckman
Dustin Jameson
Mary-Jo Woolcock
Lisa Weber
Mirella Blood
Vickie Abbott
Danielle C.
Deb Hiatt
Sandy McLeish
Alice Bailey
Colin Flynn
Kristen Barnett
Maria Moug
Christi J Patton
Susan Edwards
Sarah Copenhaver
Michelle Roth
Joyce McEnespy
Denise McGowan
Rachel Lindberg
Richard J. Burbine
Rebecca Lee
Jann Lawson
Ruth Grant
Barbara Gallagher
Dee White
BA Marshall
Carole Veit
Eleanor Larsen
Vicki Rutter
Siobhan EddyYoung
Catherine Sousa
Melissa Power
Derice Harwood
Kathleen Slover
Wendy Lechner
Susan Edwards
Rebecca Lee
Beckey Scott
Carrie Sandler
Barbara Bradley
Judy Marshall
Nadine Kiefer
Del Pouwels
Heather Niles
Suzie Dickerson
Brittany Johnston
Christine Bugg
Anne Dillon
Carol Kent
Laura Honan
Cecilie Hov
Kennedy Harris
Gloria Davis
Mandy Wilson
Jerre Rivers and Maxy Pertuit
Grace MacGregor
Ginne Ramirez
Melinda Kinney
Mirella Blood
Jan Monti
Catherine Mangan
Robert Scarcello
Rachel Gaughan
Debbie Lewis
Linda Hanlon
Michelle van Ingen
Kenneth pontious
Lisa Northey
Janet Chatwin
Marian O’Neill
Stephen m Martin
Liz Mc Donagh
Kathleen Cotter-Ruscetta
Vicki Conti
Regina G Kotkowski
Lindsey Alsobrook
Sarah Langridge
Ruth Grant
Dee White
Del Pouwels
Vicki Rutter
Shirley Parker
Sandy Loughlin
Kerry Ann Sheffer
Darren Johnson
Jen Holt
Jackie Brooner
Suzie Dickerson
Conor McClafferty
Christine Ferens
Kathryn Conlin
Cheryl Palmer
Robin Brown
Arlene Anderson
Diana Spagnola
Sharon Ogan
Wendy Lechner
Judy Whalen
Jackie Brooner
Jo McElvogue
Paula Lyons Moses
Carole Veit
Jan Crawford
Positive Dog Training
Ines Meier
Patricia Greenberg
Dietrich Schnabel
Diane Zandonatti
Joan Boyer
Finbarr O'Mahony
Julie Brandenburg
Erica Voelkel
Nicolai Kabana
Bernadette Vidal
Jimmy rockets
Carla Pahulje
Ronan McClafferty
Pat Berschied
Judi Wigginton
Crystal A Deming
Danielle C.
Coreen Elizabeth
Susan Carlin
Deborah Miller
Kathryn Conlin
Stephanie R Hake
Richard J. Burbine
Barbara Quinn
Myra Birnbaum
Valerie Porter
Sinead McGuirk
Judi Wigginton
Rosie Phillips
Deborah Whittington
Jackie Hooch
Joan Collins
Jerrylynn Webb
Valerie Porter
Patricia Marsden
Shirley Mundy
Eleanor OBrien
Amber Christensen
Charlotte Patton
James Robertson
Janice Cruikshank
Claire Tighe
Martha Wingate
Farideh Kermani
Deborah Whittington
Ann Harper
Olga O' Sullivan
Beth Ann Sample

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  • Dear Paul i have just read your blog and it touched my heart in more ways than you could know .I am in Australia one of the lucky countries at the moment and like you i see the news about India heart breaking . You will be back on stage very soon all our prayers are with the World at the moment .We have just started having Singers and dancing allowed so i hope Ireland will soon open up these venues for you .Sending Prayers to you and your family xx

    Mrs Fay Ryan on

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