Nearing The End

By Paul Byrom

Nearing The End

We are so close to finishing the new album and I genuinely cannot wait for you to all hear it. Unfortunately we took a slight set back this week due to new COVID restrictions here in Ireland, however we worked around it and got to get a lot done. That being said, I was due to finish my vocals on a few of the tracks and then as Murphy would have it, I got a head cold. So I went into lockdown and drugged up!! Thankfully after a couple of days it cleared and I should be back in studio on Monday to finish up. I would think by Wednesday, my contributions to the creative side will be done. Then it's over to Gavin Murphy to add a few "bells and whistles", get it polished and then....boom, it will be out there! Thank you all for your patience on this project. Obviously with COVID19 it has taken far longer than I hoped, to get finished. And may even be a week or two later than I currently expect. Each week throws new obstacles to overcome. However, we will overcome and get it done. When it is released, I will be depending on you all, "Paul's Apostles" to spread the word about the album and get people on board! 

In other news, I sat this week for the first time in well over a year to watch my TV special that was made back in 2013. I was asked to see if it was possible to edit it for Irish audiences. Which I'm glad to say it can, and hopefully that will lead to some more news for my Irish following in the coming weeks. However, I watched it with such fond memories, and was reminded of all the support I got then from so many of you. So many, that it is incredible to think, so many are still following me, still supporting and more importantly, still believing in me. 

I miss touring so much. I can't even begin to emphasise that. I know many of us artists are the same, and returning to normal seems a million years away from that. It seems mad that I am releasing one of my biggest albums yet, and wont be able to tour it immediately after release. Which many in the game suggest, is madness. However, despite it potentially harming my sales and charting, I feel new music at a time like this, is the best gift I can give. So hang tight, it's coming. 

One last thing before I go. Tomorrow is  World Mental Health Day, and I wanted to briefly touch on this. We are all going through a world pandemic. NONE of us are immune, as this past week has highlighted. However, as well as being conscious of COVID, we need to be conscious of our mental health. Both need to be taken extremely seriously. Like covid, we need to also be socially aware. Check in on our friends and family. In particular those that are living alone. A simple 'how are you?" can change someones day.....even week. In the same way, if someone asks you, tell them. Talk. Share whatever your anxieties or fears are. Talk about what's bothering you or bringing you down. I promise, talking always helps. Helps yourself, and can help others. Be aware of how important your mental health is. Be aware of how important you are. 


Take care and chat soon 



  • So happy you are feeling better.

    Donna Cialone on

  • So glad you are fee better Paul!! Can wait to hear your new album and stay safe💚💚

    Teresa E Casey Lamb on

  • So many fond memories of the St Louis concert to support the Special. I need to locate my dvd (2 moves in 13 months mixed in with a pandemic things get misplaced) and "encourage " my housemates to watch

    Melinda Kinney on

  • Hey, Paul!! So glad your cold is better. Stay safe and don’t take chances with your health. We are eagerly awaiting release of your album. I know it will be wonderful. Wishing you the best of everything. ~~Cecilia and all the mahues

    Cecilia mahue on

  • hi Paul;
    Sorry to hear about your cold glad your feeling better. Love your website and hope to be able to purchase some things in the future. Wishing you all the best.
    JEANNIE Rose 🌹

    JEANNie Rose on

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